Federal Skilled Worker

Gives access to Permanent Resident Visa to Canada for qualified People

Federal Skilled Trades

Gives access to Permanent Resident Visa for Tradespeople (plumbers, carpenters, mechanics etc...)

Provincial Nominee Programs

Gives access to Permanent Resident Visa vis province nomination to skilled and semi-skilled programs

Family Sponsorship

Give access to Permanent resident visa by Sponsorship of a family member

Study Permit

Gives the opportunity to Study in Canada and may give access to a work permit afterwards

Work Permits

This Programs is mainly for people with qualified a job offer

Immigration Dashboard

Confidia gives you the ability to follow your immigration Process Online through your dedicated immigration dashboard.

Contract Signature

The journey starts with the official representation contract signature

Putting the Package Together

This is the most important step, as putting together a compliant package is the key to a successful application.

Package Submission

It all comes together as a final package that is submitted to Immigration authorities for Decision.

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